To the delight of concentrate smokers the Shatter Blaster has launched in North America.  We are proud to offer the cleanest portable vaping solution f
or concentrates including wax, rosin, distillate and shatter.

Shatter Blaster will fit any 510 battery mod that can operate up to 20w or above.  This lets you customize to the power supply that works best for your smoking preference.  For recommended mod or user tips, check out our “Tips & Tricks” page.

Shatter Blaster creates a pure burn by using a sealed 100% ceramic plate with no coils.  No more garbage taste! The new ceramic heating element is set into a ceramic dish with no exposed coils or plastics.  The ceramic donut plate heats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in about 4 seconds.  As well as burning clean the unique design prevents any product wasting or health effects of high heat dabbing.

Don’t wait another hit of subpar atomizers and step up to one of our Shatter Blaster’s today.