To the delight of concentrate smokers the Shatter Blaster has been serving customers since 2016.  We are proud to offer the cleanest portable vaping solution for concentrates including wax, rosin, distillate and shatter.

We spent the time to make it right. Sure others have amazing looking solutions, but do they function? The most important part of any kit is the functionality. Once we dialled in the combination that worked perfect we focused on making Shatter Blaster look as sleek as possible.

Say no to coil heating elements and save your terps! Terps are your concentrates flavour profiles and are half the enjoyment of consuming extractions. Exposed coils create a burned taste after just a few hits, this ruins the taste of your expensive and precious concentrates.

Swear every portable dabbing kit makes the same claim, but Shatter Blaster actually holds double what most of our competition claims is long lasting. Shatter Blaster also uses all ceramic to not just taste good, but also because it takes very little power to generate a powerful dab.

There are hundreds of different consistency of concentrates and even slight manufacturing variances in Shatter Blaster coils. For these reasons we have a fully adjustable LED interface with custom firmware. No more guessing how many dots is best for distillate or having no adjustment at all. Shatter Blaster makes it possible to dial your dab to just the right temp and get the hit thats just right for you.

Shatter Blaster will fit any 510 battery mod that can operate up to 20w or above.  This lets you customize to the power supply that works best for your smoking preference.  For recommended mod or user tips, check out our “Tips & Tricks” page.

Shatter Blaster creates a pure burn by using a sealed 100% ceramic plate with no coils.  No more garbage taste! The new ceramic heating element is set into a ceramic dish with no exposed coils or plastics.  The ceramic donut plate heats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in about 4 seconds.  As well as burning clean the unique design prevents any product wasting or health effects of high heat dabbing.

Don’t wait another hit of subpar atomizers and step up to one of our Shatter Blaster’s today.