Starting Points

Taking the time to operate your Shatter Blaster will increase your enjoyment and life span of your coils.  Proper operation will also promise the biggest, cleanest, best hits.

  1. The first tip is always start at a low temp on your Mod.  For our Mini Volts we start at 15 watts and for our Nugget 2’s we recommend starting at 9 watts.  Any other mods we recommend always starting low and working your way up from 9 watts to be safe.  Remember it’s always easier to turn the power up for a bigger hit then running too high and burning out your coil.
  2. For the first hit add a substantial amount to the bowl.  An amount covering the whole coil and about 2-3 millimetres is ample.
  3.  Try to keep from smoking bowl completely dry.  Smoking the coil without concentrates just puts extra stress on the coil because of lack of resistance.
  4. Toke slow and steady on your Shatter Blaster.  The idea is not to be sucking on it, but inhaling thru it,


Cleaning Tips

Concentrates are a messy game. Taking the time to keep your Shatter Blaster clean is always best to make sure of solid operation. When your Shatter Blaster does get dirty and it will here are a few steps that can help get it back to clean.

  1. Make sure Shatter Blaster is cool to the touch. Never start cleaning a Shatter Blaster just after smoking.
  2. Remove glass top
  3. Use a lighter and move it really fast back and forth to warm up glass and wipe with paper towel to remove resin.
  4. Move lighter back and forth over coil fast and wipe with paper towel.  Avoid holding lighter in one spot or on coil’s silicone “O” rings.  Direct flame on silicone “O” rings can melt or damage them.
  5. It’s rare the inside of the bowl will need to be cleaned, but if it does, keep glass on top of the Shatter Blaster. Next light your Shatter Blaster for one or two seconds and then dump it upside down into an ashtray or silicone tray.